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School Shootings, Gun Control, and Mental Health

Right now, I am an angry liberal white mom with a platform to speak my opinions regarding the recent mass shootings at schools/concerts/theaters in my country. NOTE: AGAIN ONE ANGRY WHITE WOMANS OPINIONS AND THOUGHTS ALL HER OWN IN THE 44 YEARS I’VE BEEN ON THIS THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN.  Doing one of these […]

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Rump Roast Supporters

I have a couple of these in my family, I love them no matter what they believe politically.  However, they frustrate me, especially one in particular, who taught me to be self sufficient, independent and think before I do.  This person is male, white, and works his ass off and will jump a fence to […]

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January 4th 2015

Fasting blood sugar is 246 at 11:30am (that;s right didn’t get out of bed until then), so far i’ve had a big ole bowl of Kelloggs Special K Chocolaty Delight cereal and 1% Milk for breakfast..;) Lunch was a grilled cheese on whole wheat toast and baked beans, Dinner was a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, […]

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January 3rd 2015

Forgot to post my fasting blood sugar yesterday, it was 264…no more DQ past 7pm..;)

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January 2nd 2015

Fasting Blood Sugar 239 this morning, which is better then yesterday morning, but will be getting my insulin figured out today! Lunch (11:30) 2 slices of wheat bread Mayo Slice of American Cheese Lettuce 3 slices of Turkey Breast Hummus Pita Chips Pistachios (Unsalted) Diet Mt Dew Dinner Grilled Chicken Ranch Wrap from McD’s Premium […]

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Glimepiride is for blood sugar control, I take one 2MG tablet a day…

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Favorite Cartoons

I used to watch a lot of cartoons, I’ve tried watching the latest cartoons but they just aren’t the same. Scooby Doo Voltron Tom & Jerry Bugs Bunny    

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