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My Thought On Being Diabetic

No one ever dreams of being a Type 2 diabetic, any version of it. Yes, I am going to eat crappy unhealthy food and be twice the weight I should be at 41. My dreams didn’t include pricking my finger twice a day and injecting myself with animal insulin because my pancreas decided to become […]

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One multivitamin a day…keeps the dr away? In my case right now, it’s highly unlikely I’ll be getting rid of Dr. Heckman.  So what’s in my multivitamin you ask…there seems to be a bit of everytyhing…hence..MULTI..;)

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January 1st 2015

Okay, fasting blood sugar at 11:45am, 251, I expected it to be over 300 due to over consumption of sparkling white grape juice and taking no meds/insulin still but okay, I’ll go with this…took most of my meds (still working out the whole insulin thing of what is and is not covered), I was missing […]

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