About Me


Welcome to my personal blog! If you stumbled upon my page accidentally, thanks for coming! If your a friend or family who knows me well then this is not new. WARNING: I am a very open person, so my thoughts,views, and opinions come from my heart and head.  I will divulge beliefs, ideals, and personal information here regarding my life.  I may ..will..say things that you are in disagreement with and probably get offended at some of it, that’s okay, but I am not going to change who I am based on potential employment.  You take me as I am..;).  That said… Enjoy..It’s really meant to be a place where I can vent and love at the same time.

Couple of housekeeping things…I am not a Dr. …I am an IT geek who has the ability to setup her own site. I would appreciate it if you not sue me, I have no money, so please if i suggest or recommend something here it’s because i’ve already tried it with my own Dr.’s opinion and approval.   Also, I don’t take kindly to those who belittle or “flame” me so any comments that I deem disrespectful will not be tolerated.

That said, there will be talk of body parts, fluids, and CATS.  😉 If you are under 18 please do not read my blog or if you are easily offended.