School Shootings, Gun Control, and Mental Health

Right now, I am an angry liberal white mom with a platform to speak my opinions regarding the recent mass shootings at schools/concerts/theaters in my country. NOTE: AGAIN ONE ANGRY WHITE WOMANS OPINIONS AND THOUGHTS ALL HER OWN IN THE 44 YEARS I’VE BEEN ON THIS THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN.  Doing one of these is not going to stop the killings, implementing all of them, might be the difference between your kid and mine staying alive while they learn.

  • GOD: Sure, let’s let God/religion into public schools, but not just your white privileged christian god.  Let’s bring muslim, jews, catholics, athiests, agnostics, and all other religions be represented in public schools.  Let’s expose our children to interact and see other religions because this is what the real world already includes.  So if we are going to let religions into public school, we will have to do away with the tax free status that many religious organizations have enjoyed over the yea..centuries. Why? because now we are letting church and schools mingle, I have no issue with this, but if religions now want to influence and be a part of society, then they will have to help pay for said civilized society as well (ie police, firemen, rescue, hospitals, etc).
  • MENTAL HEALTH: We have a problem and it’s dealing with emotions.  There is no doubt in my mind that if someone had stopped and listened to this boy, gave him hugs, and said “I hear you, here is how I can help?” possibly 17 kids would still be alive. I’m an optimistic, I know.  However, I have first had knowledge of dealing with a teen in pain, my 15 year old son recently took pills to get out of school because he didn’t want to go.  I constantly hear how he hates school, he has no friends (which I found out he just wasn’t eating lunch with them), and how school is to stressful.  WHY ARE WE GIVING CHILDREN ESSAYS IN GYM? My son and I have been diagnosed with ADD/Anxiety, we are always in the right here and right now mode, no we will not remember to pick up the towels after showering and no we will never put the cap back on the milk. Mental health needs to be present along with social, economic, physical, and etc..etc ..If you want a whole healthy person, we need mental health issues present in our lives. We can no longer stigmatize mental health issues.
  • SCHOOLS: MORE MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS IN SCHOOL.  The kids reported the shooter several times, why wasn’t there anything done? As soon as my son had told his guidance counselor he was having suicidal thoughts, we were called and school policy was that we had to take him to the ER and a psychologist had to give him permission to allow him back into school stating he was not a threat to himself or others. Giving teachers/administrators guns is not the answer, while I don’t discourage them from learning or owning their own, you open a whole can of craziness in an environment that is chaotic on a normal day let alone an active shooter.
  • GUNS: DO NOT BAN GUNS. YES, YOU HEARD THIS LIBERAL SNOWFLAKE. DO NOT BAN GUNS. I want responsible, law abiding gun owners to keep their guns. Deeper background checks, longer waiting period for semi and fully automatic guns. NO SALES AT GUN SHOWS! Kids who have mental issues should never be allowed to own a gun. Semi and fully automatic weapons should have some kind of bio form authentication (ie finger print scanner to discharge it). Why multiple round ammo, what use is there for it in the hunting realm? Offer buy back incentives for the semi and fully automatic weapons, this still has ideas that need to be fleshed out but this is just some ideas.
  • NRA/GUN MANUFACTURERS: YOU NEED TO STOP SAYING THE OPPOSITION IS RIDICULOUS. Start helping all of us create better environments for our kids/friends to learn, enjoy concerts and movies in without the fear of being shot dead. Create a board with NRA members/politicians/schools/mental health professionals to perform research, keep updating policies, and learn new things from each other. You need to change your stance, instead of we can’t help to HOW CAN WE HELP?!?
  • PARENTS: YES, WE ARE AS MUCH TO BLAME AS EVERYONE ELSE. In our busy lives, we some how managed to procreate and have these crazy human beings.  Guess what, they need our help more so then in the past, we need to set rules/guidelines and be able to communicate with them verbally and not just through the phones..yeah..I know it’s going to be tough! Form a volunteer parent group at each school to come in during lunch period and give kids who want a hug ..a hug. Sometimes it might be the only thing they need. As a mom in IT, I feel smartphones made life easier on one hand but disconnect from the real world on the other hand. I’ve recently implemented small changes in my house, monitored homework time, dinner at the table at least once a week, and family movie/game night.  Just in the short time we’ve gotten back to this, I’ve seen smiles again on my kids faces.
  • POLITICIANS: YOU NEED TO STOP TAKING MONEY FROM THE NRA. PERIOD. ALL OF YOU! You also need to use your listening ears, or did you some how manage to forget they exist. There are good points on both sides.  SO OPEN YOUR EARS.

That’s it for now, feel free to send me suggestions…etc..I will read them and take them into consideration. 😉


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