Rump Roast Supporters

I have a couple of these in my family, I love them no matter what they believe politically.  However, they frustrate me, especially one in particular, who taught me to be self sufficient, independent and think before I do.  This person is male, white, and works his ass off and will jump a fence to help anyone in need both literally and figuratively.  He was in the Navy and was out before the Vietnam conflict, a volunteer fireman, and some college along the way.  He is technically retired from 40+ years of being in the telephony industry but still works his own business.  If he’s not working, he’s maintaining and caring for a 6.5 acre farm, bailing hay or helping his youngest daughter do crazy hair brain ideas she comes up with these days.  BTW, if that wasn’t enough he raised 3 daughters, yeah, and he’s still sane…somewhat.

While I respect this man for everything he’s done for me, I can’t help feel a little bit betrayed.  I can’t hold a conversation with him, at all.  This is disheartening, I wonder if other folks like me have the same issues with their rump roast supporter family & friends as well.  It’s sad, really, honest hard working folks are blinded by rhetoric and lies this man promised.  Would Hilary be much different? Not sure, we may never know, but I know the conversation would be more raising minimum wage and less racial slurs and killings?  Maybe the US needs a good “survival of the fittest” moment or heaven forbid another civil war.  But I don’t remember the hate my father is talking about of late while I was growing up.  It’s not okay, because whether or not your right or wrong the current negativity is affecting my family personally.  I don’t get why it’s more important to build a wall and keep people out then to build a bigger table and get to know someone.  Why are we not looking in the mirror and asking, “How can I help?” instead of “I am not responsible for my own situation”.

My whole 10000 foot view is this, this is a planet, made of rocks, things I have yet to remember from earth science but one thing is obvious we need to start listening to each other.  We are a lot of cells, put together in different but similar ways. We have emotions, some wear them more on their sleeve then others in our society.  We live in a small section of the World called USA and we currently have folks who are in charge that are delusional when physical proof is given to them.  These people do not speak for me personally and he will never be my president.  Rump Roast has not earned my respect and I am 100% positive he never will.  Yes, I would gladly take a Bush over this man in a heart beat.

I have a short time on this planet, I have two kids who mean the world to me.  I would like them to solve a problem that the World needs solved, but I ultimately, want them to smile.  Right now, the current environment, is not doing that, so I have to step up.  Show the love, make them smile!

My.0002 worth in this life..;)

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