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Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, I was single, kid-less, and less grey haired then I am today.  I’ve been in IT since the early DOS 6.x days.  I became a mom in 2002 and 2005, we’ve recently celebrated birthdays…kind of by coincidence my kids are almost exactly three years apart.  I’ve been noticing an influx of family and friends posting baby/kid pictures on Facebook lately.  I am right there with you all, posting pictures and funny stories about things my kids have or haven’t done recently.  However, the IT Geek in me wonders just how long a shelf life will Facebook have on our kids.  Will a future corporate HR manger find little jonny’s moms post about how he puked all over the cat 20 years from now? Hopefully, for johnny’s sake there wasn’t a detailed picture(of course there is) of the incident.  I can almost picture it now, johnny sitting in the HR managers office having to explain the aforementioned facebook post to his potential employer.  Oh I am just as guilty.

Don’t get me wrong, facebook is a valuable social tool these days but can you imagine the things that people 20 years from now will discover about us?  We hate a certain presidential candidate because they believe they had a private email server and security was compromised.  Oh ..yeah.  Those meme’s, all important pictures with a message, a society obsessed with cat videos. LOL.  Which by the way, laughing out loud in real life is healthier for you..so I hear.  Who will be stuck analyzing all those cat videos. Poor soul.  Don’t know, it’s something to think about before you post anything on social media. Does Freedom of speech protect online social media too? I’m still a firm believer of what my mom taught me..”if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.  But damn it, I have a right to post baby pictures and vacation pictures of my kids!

As laws catch up to technology, we better hope the internet stays anonymous…for little johnny’s sake.  This has just been a blurb of rambling thoughts running around my head of late…


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