My Life with Type 2 Diabetes

This is a look into my life with how I manage my diabetes, I was diagnosed in October 2008 and it’s takin me this long to get real (not necessarily serious) about managing my disease. WARNING: THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE EXPOSED FAT TO ANYONE OTHER THEN MY HUBBY, PLEASE BE KIND! 😉

taking my blood sugar
Taking blood sugar

First, take fasting blood sugar.  Requires pricking finger, I’m one of the lucky diabetics, I only have to prick my finger twice a day. Most non diabetics say “big deal, pricking your finger doesn’t hurt”. No it doesn’t but after pricking ones finger 365 x 2= 730, I’d like to see all the non-diabetics try this for a year, let’s see how you feel about pricking your finger.

medicine management
Medicine management

Next, it’s pills..but not all of them are for diabetes. I also have Anxiety/Depression, ADD, GERD, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol. I also take my multi-vitamin too. Recently, I purchased 12 one week pill holders and ordered my meds in 90 day supplies…so far this is excellent management for all my meds! I’ve missed three days, in six weeks which is a huge improvement over not taking any of my meds for two or three weeks when I would run out of pills from a 30 day supply. Yes, the upfront mail order cost is a bit burdening, but a healthy me is much more important.


Me giving myself morning insulin

Forgive the fat exposure, but it is morning and I am not going to ignore this part just because it is showing an unflattering part of me…this is part of my life..good or bad…I am taking my insulin, two shots in the abdomen once in the morning and once in the evening. Then I have another insulin I take with meals. However, right now I am having issues with taking my second insulin consistantly, I’m working on it!

Half a week of insulin pens, test strips, and needles

Half a week of insulin pens, test strips, and needles


This is about a half a weeks worth of used test strips, needles, insulin pens…I haven’t yet moved them to my “bio hazard trash can” as pictured below.


used insulin pens, needles, and test strips
My 3 or 4 month collection of used insulin pens, needles, and test strips
another angle of my receptacles
My receptacles from another angle



Here is my collection…this is only about three or four months worth of stuff…I know..I need to get a real “bio hazard” waste can of some sort soon.